Charles W. Andrews

C.W. Andrews, was an English painter based in Hong-Kong who produced illustrations for a magazine titled, "Ilustración Filipina" on a regular basis. In 1857 Andrews visited the Philippines and published accounts of life in Manila during this period. He travelled along the provinces of Luzon and illustrated scenes of the Filipino's daily life. His works were published in "Ilustración Filipina", a Spanish language magazine published in the Philippines, that was founded on March 1, 1859, and ran until December 15, 1860. It appeared roughly twice each month, and each issue included one tinted lithograph. The images were drawn by C.W. Andrews, and were lithographed by Baltasar Giraudier, the archipelago's first lithographer. The text, printed in Spanish, mostly concerns local history, geography, ethnography, and certain vital statistics, while the illustrations offer lively images of seascapes, landscapes, village life, costumes, portraits, and more. Of particular importance is the consistent visual contrast between the Philippines' remote rural areas and tribes, and a developing urban landscape and "civilized" culture. Published at a time of growing resentment to Spanish rule, the focus on the Filipino people as apart from the Spanish or mestizos (half-breeds) is especially notable. The lithographs are among the earliest executed in the Philippines, and the project as a whole is the most ambitious in terms of size and scope produced in Manila to date. It was issued by subscription and produced in limited numbers. Andrews illustrations proved to be a strong influence on Filipino Artists through the work of, Jorge Pineda, (1879-1946), a seminal Filipino artist who studied Andrews works intensively during the early years of his career.
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