Grace Carpenter Hudson

Minamina, 1901
Oil on Canvas
20 x 16 in (50.80 x 40.64 cm)
Provenance: This painting was found about 30 years ago by Carol Illner, who is a Cleveland Ohio antiques dealer, but we suspect it was transported from Hawaii to Cleveland, Ohio shortly after it was created in 1901. The painting was most likely transported to Cleveland by the son of the original owner, Henry Perrine Baldwin (August 29, 1842 – July 8, 1911). Baldwin was a businessman and politician on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. He supervised the construction of the East Maui Irrigation System and co-founded Alexander & Baldwin, one of the "Big Five" corporations that dominated the economy of the Territory of Hawaii.

Henry Perrine Baldwin had several children, but we know that his son, Arthur Douglas Baldwin born April 8, 1876 most likely became the next owner of the painting shortly after it was created in 1901. Arthur Douglas Baldwin, graduated from Harvard Law School and later moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he practiced law in his firm Garfield McGregor & Baldwin. He married Reba Louise Williams in 1902 and they had five children. Arthur Douglas Baldwin died in 1954 and by that time the painting likely passed into the hands of one of his children.
Pretty much everything else we know about the painting is in the "Days of Grace" catalog on pages 90 and 91 and in her catalog raisonne'. This painting was discovered in 2017, three years after the 2014 "Days of Grace" Exhibition, so was not included in the exhibition catalog. The reemergence of Mina Mina is a wonderful surprise, and she is sure to make another appearance at the Grace Hudson Museum sometime in the future.

Grace Hudson Catalog entry No. 192
P.O. Box 432
Medina, Washington 98039
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